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We live and breathe design. Each line, shape or feature we develop come from a deep understanding of how design can impact lives. We know that great user journeys are at the heart of successful living and that minute details can change a space's statement.
Our passion for tailor-made solutions drives our desire for excellence, because only personable approaches can deliver true magic.

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."
William Morris

What we do


The design essence is at the heart of every project we develop. From starting point until completion, regardless of how many layers of application, keeping the focus on the grand idea is the key to impressive delivery.

What we do


Every successful and future proof project finds its roots in an accurate consultative process. Involving all decision makers, our experienced creative directors will establish the foundation guidelines of your project, guaranteeing a design delivery exceeding expectations.

What we do


Design is the converging point where beauty meets usability. Our team of designers study firstly all aspects of practicality so that the final product becomes a seamless and beautiful "experience".

What we do


Planning and coordination are two essential components serving our creativity. Orchestrating the skills of our specialists is an art of its own, driving our projects to completion in a flowing manner.

What we do


We have the power and resources to manufacture and deliver all design objects, materials and furnitures. As a bespoke service, there is no limitation to what could be achieved. Our design and production team work hand in hand towards manufacture perfection.

What we do


Our knowledge of the most up-to-date technology features and avant-guarde vision is of paramount importance in our designing process. Invisible technology is leading our project planning, so that our clients can enjoy a truly seamless and luxurious experience.

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    Project Summary

    Designed for a young couple in a fusion of modern and vintage style to accommodate the opposing style preferences. Incorporated hidden smart technology to truly give this space the best of both worlds.

    Brief was to create a space for tech loving young boy which he could grow up in and which inspired learning. We created a bespoke tech haven including a bespoke feature wall, wardrobes and study area with feature led lighting. We also kitted it out with computers, bespoke stationery and finger print recognition door entry!

    Brief was to create a luxurious walk in wardrobe with dressing area which showcased the clients exquisite collection of designer bags and shoes. We created a space, which resembled a designer store including a stunning bespoke display unit and clever storage solutions.

    Vernice’s signature feature walls are designed using layers, lighting and a combination of stunning textures and finishes. These products are for those that want to add something truly unique with substantial wow factor.


    Our proud


    Over the years, we have woven a network of incredible like minded partners, ranging from the finest wood artisans to the most advanced appliance designers. We share an equal passion and commitment to design, resulting in uplifting collaborations.

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    We are constantly on the look out for cutting edge thinkers and makers, so please contact us if you feel you could contribute to our existing skills set.

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